A festival of the senses

Every year the second weekend in June, thousands of people gather in Hamar to experience how life might have been in the Middle Ages.

  • Storjordet med dato 2020

This is a festival for all the senses. Here you can see, hear, taste, touch and smell the middle ages. 

Experience medieval crafts, knights, jousting, food, brewery, music, archery, jesters, theatre performances, sword fights, reenactors, a historical battle and much more!

You'll find fun activites that the whole family can take part in toghether, whether you're 2 or 90 years old. How about learning how to be a knight, or maybe learn how to shoot a longbow? 

When you're tired, sit down in one of our scenic picnik areas and enjoy your lunch while you watch the viking ships sail by.


  • Markedet fra Urtehagen
  • Øyonn Steen Skjeveland / Domkirkeodden
  • Øyonn Steen Skjeveland / Domkirkeodden
  • Mailind Solvind Mjøen
  • Signe Marie Johnsen
  • Signe Marie Johnsen
  • Kai Gjessing
  • Tor-Aril Bækkeli
  • Robin Cornel Berntsen
  • Domkirkeodden / Signe Marie Johnsen
  • Mandel Mike's epler
    Mandel Mike's epler Jane Trolle / Domkirkeodden
  • Linjentene fra Tønsberg
    Linjentene Jane Trolle / Domkirkeodden
  • Greg bronsestøper
    Greg bronsestøper Jane Trolle / Domkirkeodden
  • Jane Trolle
  • Storjordet med dato 2020