Hopp til hovedinnhold

Terms and conditions for Hamar Medieval Festival

Market opening hours:

Saturday: 12 - 19
Sunday: 12 - 17

General terms and conditions

When applying for a place in the market, all stallholders are obliged to follow the terms and conditions of Hamar Medieval Festival. Violation of these terms may lead to immediate eviction from the market and the festival grounds.

  • All stall holders must be present both days of the festival.
  • The festival is solely responsible for the composition of the market and what merchandise is allowed. Based on this, we reserve the right to reject market participants. In case of any conflict the festival has the final word.
  • There will be guards present at the festival. The festival will, however, not take responsibility for any loss of stock or belongings. Securing valuables is the sole responsibility of the stall holder.
  • All stall holders must keep fire extinguishers at hand.
  • Excessive use of alcohol or the use of illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Sound levels are to be kept at a minimum after midnight, so not to disturb other festival campers.

Cars and transportation

  • No cars are allowed on the festival grounds in the opening hours.
  • Friday: Transportation to and from your stall is allowed. Please be considerate!
  • Saturday: All cars should be out of the festival area at 11.00.
  • Sunday: All cars should be out of the festival area at 11.00.  Cars are allowed back in at 17. 30.

Merchandise, stalls and clothing

  • All merchandise should have their origin in the middle ages and are subject to approval by the festival organizer. Hamar Medieval Festival reserves the right to refuse single items and ask for adjustments in stock selection and display items in order to maintain the festivals historic profile.
  • All stallholders are obliged to have their stalls ready for trade when the festival opens. The stalls should be kept open for the duration of the opening hours. For those who wish, can stalls be kept open beyond the opening hours.
  • Stall decorations should be in medieval style. The same rule applies to presentation and wrapping of merchandise. Plastic bags and other modern items will not be tolerated.
  • All stallholders should be dressed in medieval outfits whilst inside the festival area.

Market fees

The market fee will cover the museum preparations and facilitation of the market area. This includes building  and placing of the booths you rent, sanitation, renovation, loan of bricks for building up fire places, free use of fire wood and access to drinking water for all market participants.

We encourage all participants who need electricity to bring their own extension cords.

Small stall 1,5 m x 0,9m NOK 750,-
Large stall NOK 1000,-
Salesplace for tent 1 - 9m3 NOK 700,-
Salesplace for tent 10 - 20m3 NOK 1000,-
Salesplace for tent over 20m3 NOK 1500,-
Electricity fri - sun NOK 200,-
Hot meal pr. person. pr day NOK 100,-

Latest withdrawal of application 20. May

If you have booked a place at the market and suddenly are unable to participate, you must tell us by the 20th of May. If you withdraw your application after this you will be obliged to pay the market fee in full.